When IVF Fails

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Don’t give up. Even if there have been multiple attempts. The new journey for fertility is to look inward for solutions. Conception is a complex set of events that happens between 2 people. We do not yet have the technology or knowledge to force conception for some people. The goal of ideal fertility treatment is not just to conceive, but to conceive a healthy child. 1.     Look at your ... Read More

The ins and outs of male fertility


A man should not be judged on sperm count alone. Sperm analysis measures the health of sperm at the time of the test and are based on hormones, nutrients and inflammation. Results that are outside normal should be considered a symptom and the root cause of that symptom should be addressed. Results that are inside normal do not indicate optimum fertility, just optimum sperm health. When 40-50% of  ... Read More

Fertility and Folic Acid


We have all heard of taking folic acid before getting pregnant. But why? Is folic acid the very best vitamin for folks having fertility issues? Folic acid is a synthetic version of folate. Folic acid takes more work to break down in the body and some people don't have the ability to do his job well. Folate or vitamin B9 is necessary for preventing spina bifida. Folate is found in food and ... Read More

Methylation and Fertility

I am happy. I feel so much happier than 6 years ago when I was hiding my little secret. By day I was a naturopath helping women regulate their menstrual cycles and optimize fertility and by night I was a women who was always wondering if she was pregnant. After almost a year of trying I decided to get some more information about my body from my medical doctor. She sent me for several ultra ... Read More

Fleece is Toxic


Fleece is toxic. It is now known that every beach in the world is full of microscopic plastic particles from fleece. In 2011, research showed that fleece, which is made from recycled plastic, breaks down into thousands of small plastic particles every time it is washed. Fleece particles are so small, they can pass through cell membranes.  This is the health risk; when plastic particles enter the ... Read More

Women’s Health


Vitamins that can enhance fertility: Methylcobolamin: Vitamin B12 injections are very powerful in fertility. B12 is helpful in breaking down bad estrogen and optimizes hormone regulation. Vitamin C: 42 women who had failed to ovulate after treatment with clomiphene were given 400 mg/day of Vitamin C, either alone or in combination with clomiphene. Combination therapy induced ovulation in more ... Read More