Methylation and Fertility

am happy. I feel so much happier than 6 years ago when I was hiding my little secret.

By day I was a naturopath helping women regulate their menstrual cycles and optimize fertility and by night I was a women who was always wondering if she was pregnant. After almost a year of trying I decided to get some more information about my body from my medical doctor. She sent me for several ultra sounds and checked all the boxes possible for blood work to be done. Everything came back fine, so I decided to get copies and take a peak for myself. The ultrasound said I was a good candidate for PCOS or polycyclic ovarian syndrome and not only that but I had a chocolate cyst. I love my chocolate but in this case, a chocolate cyst means my cyst is filled with blood, a sign of endometriosis. Double whammy. I seethed with unhappiness and kept my secret for 4 months. Finally I told my sister.

I was having a nice lunch with my sister and decided to share my secret. It was eating me up inside. I had a beautiful niece and at that time just 1 handsome nephew and I didn’t know why I wasn’t being successful conceiving. When I told her, she got up from the table and starting yelling at me!
“You know what you have to do! You have to go grain free and dairy free! You need methly-B12 injections to balance your hormones! You need to stop eating cookies at tea time because you are insulin resistance and you have to do it right now!!!”

6 months later I was pregnant and 3 years later it happened again. I can’t do dairy ~At all. It messes up my hormones. I needed methylation support just like 40% of the population.

Methylation is a detoxification pathways that breaks down estrogen, histamine and adrenaline and when that pathway doesn’t work as well as it should, it can result in hormone regulation issues. For me it was amazing and I don’t think my body is that special. I think a lot of women have similar issues and just need the right support.

Toxicity has put more and more pressure on our detoxification pathways and this pressure can alter hormones, the immune system and the cardiovascular system. Not to mention it is needed to make folic acid active and therefore needed in making healthy babies.

The goal is to have a baby. A healthy baby. If there is something in the way of this natural process, it is very important to find out why to insure a healthy baby.

Methylation support:

Methyl-B12 or methylcobalamin 20mg from AOR
Advanced B Comlpex 1-3 a day from AOR
Methyl Folate 1mg from Douglas
Magnesium bis glycinate from NFH 200-600mg
NAC N-acetly-cysteine 500-1000mg
Diet: no grains and no dairy

Yours in good health

Dr. Carissa, Natural Care Clinic

About Carissa

Dr Carissa Doherty, Naturopathic Doctor has been practicing in Burlington since 2005. The Natural Care Clinic is the culmination of over 8 years of training and a dream to bring Naturopathic Medicine to her patients and to Burlington.

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