When IVF Fails

Don’t give up. Even if there have been multiple attempts. The new journey for fertility is to look inward for solutions. Conception is a complex set of events that happens between 2 people. We do not yet have the technology or knowledge to force conception for some people. The goal of ideal fertility treatment is not just to conceive, but to conceive a healthy child.

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1.     Look at your genetics. Assess the methylation system. We all know about folic acid, this vitamin is apart of the methylation system. Folic acid is not the only nutrient in this cycle. Deficiencies in this system for both men and women can impair fertility.  For example methyl-B12 should always be paired with folic acid, and in fact folic acid may not be the perfect support, methyl folate is a better choice for some men and women.

2.     Assess your genetic code and look at your partners for compatibility. If it doesn’t look compatible, then add supportive nutrients and optimize your genetic expression. Genetic testing and support is about making you as good as your genes will allow you to be.

3.     Support the digestive system, it is the fastest way to optimize the immune system.  Your digestive system makes more decisions in 24 hours than your brain makes your whole life.

4.     Optimize hormones by making sure the dominant reproductive organ systems are working efficiently.

5.     Enhance liver support. We know that toxic agents are bombarding our environment and our bodies and many fertility issues are a combination of minor health issues, nutrient deficiencies and toxicity.

6.     Enhance nutrient intake my eating organic and a superior diet with minimal artificial substances. Increase nutrient density.

7.     Assess for food sensitivities.

8.     Assess for toxicity with respect to digestive bacteria, metals, toxic chemicals from the outside and cellular toxins from the inside.

9.     Assess the immune system even if it’s a minor system such as rosacea, or red inflamed checks.

10. Be aggressive, do multiple systems at once. The body is complicated and interrelated. Working on multiple systems at once makes the body shift faster.

There has been a huge increase in infertility in the last 15-20 years. This is labeled as unexplained infertility or fertility issues in people with mild health issues that previously would not have been effected with fertility. Sperm counts are lowering and lowering and miscarriage and children born with genetic mutations are on the rise. This increase is also linked to children born with developmental delays.

This is not the time to take things personally. The journey within is now the only way to make our bodies stronger. Infertility is a heart wrenching process but it is better to actually be in charge of the process than having a process done to you.

Yours in good health,

Dr. Carissa Doherty, ND, Natural Care Clinic

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Dr Carissa Doherty, Naturopathic Doctor has been practicing in Burlington since 2005. The Natural Care Clinic is the culmination of over 8 years of training and a dream to bring Naturopathic Medicine to her patients and to Burlington.

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