Fleece is Toxic


Fleece is toxic. It is now known that every beach in the world is full of microscopic plastic particles from fleece. In 2011, research showed that fleece, which is made from recycled plastic, breaks down into thousands of small plastic particles every time it is washed. Fleece particles are so small, they can pass through cell membranes.  This is the health risk; when plastic particles enter the ... Read More

Women’s Health


Vitamins that can enhance fertility: Methylcobolamin: Vitamin B12 injections are very powerful in fertility. B12 is helpful in breaking down bad estrogen and optimizes hormone regulation. Vitamin C: 42 women who had failed to ovulate after treatment with clomiphene were given 400 mg/day of Vitamin C, either alone or in combination with clomiphene. Combination therapy induced ovulation in more ... Read More