“Let your food be your Medicine,
and your Medicine be your food.”

Hippocrates, “Father of Western Medicine”, circa 400 B.C


Hippocrates would be appalled at our current North American diet.   In California, McDonald’s has been forced to put a warning label on their food.  Acrylamide, present in french fries and potato chips, has been linked to cancer.  In terms of fertility, food disrupts our ability to support natural conception.  Every year in my practice, couples conceive by removing food toxins from their diet.  When the diagnosis is “everything is fine” but couples still can’t conceive, dietary intervention can and does have a dramatic impact on cellular health.

Movies like Forks Over Knives, Food Inc., Super Size Me, Beet Inc. and many more are highlighted the terrifying truth about North American food processing, chemicals in food and our general food quality.  Hormones in our meat and dairy act as hormone disruptors in our bodies.  The power of food is the touchstone on which Natural Fertility Programs are based.

Whole Foods Diet

My nutritional program includes removal of toxic foods such as dairy and gluten.  Books like “Wheat Belly”, by Dr. William Davis, MD, can tell you more about why gluten is toxic.  Harvard University recently released a statement that “Dairy is no longer considered a healthy part of our diet” in North America.  Keith Woodford has written an excellent book called “The Devil in the  Milk”.


We are meant to have babies.   Our bodies our uniquely designed to procreate.  Fertility rates and sperm counts are dropping  which have both been linked to environmental toxins like bisphenol A, pthalates and heavy metals.  Food is used as a therapy to improve nutrient status in the body.  The 7 detoxification pathways in the liver require nutrients derived from food.  Without adequate detoxification, hormone disruptors in the environment negatively impact fertility.

If a couple cannot conceive, there is something very significant going on in the body.  There are biochemical pathways that are not working.  The nutritional supports in the Natural Fertility Program make drastic changes to get dramatic results.  Elimination of any and all foods that contribute to toxic load and inflammation is crucial to restoring reproductive power.




Dairy is the number one food allergy in the world.  This is worth repeating.  Dairy is the number one food allergy in the world.  Reproductive issues have their roots in inflammation.  Allergens create and exacerbate inflammation in the body leading to massive disruption in cell function.  Removal of dairy is necessary to re-establish the ability to conceive.


Over the last 50 years, wheat has been grown all over the world and species of wheat have been chosen over other species because of the ability to grown stronger and longer to increase yield. As species of grains were chosen for their ability to yield, they may not have been the best grain for the digestive system. Also most wheat is genetically modified and it has been shown to create biofilms or layers of mucus in the small and large intestine ripe for infiltration of yeast and bad bacteria.

So…no gluten.  Yes, this is hard but please remember your body is facing a major obstacle.  To get up and over that obstacle necessary nutritional steps need to be taken.  Our bodies need a rest from inflammatory load. To rest the digestive system is to reset the inflammatory system and is one of the fastest ways to change your biochemistry. To make major change happen, you have to make major change.