Let’s face is folks; we are living in a toxic world.  Southwestern Ontario is considered one of the third most toxic areas in North America.  Bisphenol A, pthalates, heavy metals, pesticides, fire retardants, PCBs, dioxins… The list is long.  In fact, in the documentary The Disappearing Male, it is estimated that 90, 000 chemicals are in our land, air and water.  These chemicals are hormone disruptors and decrease cellular health.
In 1997, the Greater Boston Physician’s for Social Responsibility released a report called “In Harm’s Way”.  In this report they stated that “1 billion hormone disruptors” are released every year into the environment.  This is a huge underlying cause of fertility issues and plummeting sperm counts.
Other studies have shown that on average every person in the world has remnants from 250 chemicals in their fat cells.  A study on fetal cord blood identified an average of 9 pesticides.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 1.16 million women of childbearing age eat enough mercury contaminated fish  to do damage a fetus.
Toxicity plays a major role in detracting from reproductive health.  The Natural Fertility Program addresses issues of toxic load and helps to safely and effectively remove them from the body.

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