Women’s Health


Vitamins that enhance fertility:

Methylcobolamin: Vitamin B12 injections are very powerful in fertility. B12 is helpful in breaking down bad estrogen and optimizes hormone regulation.

Vitamin C: 42 women who had failed to ovulate after treatment with clomiphene were given 400 mg/day of Vitamin C, either alone or in combination with clomiphene. Combination therapy induced ovulation in more than 50% of the women and, in a few cases, Vitamin C alone induced ovulation.

Vitamin B6: 14 women who had been infertile for 1.5 to 7 years were given 100 to 800 mg/day of Vitamin B6 as treatment for PMS. 11 of these women became pregnant during the first 6 months of Vitamin B6 therapy. Whether or not Vitamin B6 can help infertile women who do not suffer from PMS has not been investigated

Iron: Some 111 women with iron deficiency were treated with iron plus Vitamin C (to enhance the absorption of iron). 7 previously infertile women conceived within 28 weeks of starting this therapy. Do not supplement iron without confirming using a blood test.

Zinc: A deficiency is associated with problems such as impaired synthesis/secretion of FSH and LH, abnormal ovarian development, disruption of the estrous cycle, frequent abortion, a prolonged gestation period, teratogenecity, stillbirths, difficulty in parturition, pre-eclampsia, toxemia, and low birth weight infants.

Essential Fatty Acids: A possible cause of infertility is the thickening of the cervical mucous, or the spermicidal action of some vaginal secretions; an EFA deficiency may interfere with normal secretions.